Monday + Tuesday

Our first project is working with sound artist Richy Carey on the sound for a short film by the animator Polly Guo.

(The original animation and sound design.)

We have been working to create a whole new soundtrack from scratch, using voice over, field recording, ambient sounds and designing our own sounds.


We’ve been working in the studio as well as being out and around Eyemouth recording audio for the film.

We’ve also been doing a lot of foley work in the studio – here’s Mark making the sounds of the squid’s tentacles being cut off by bashing a melon.


Here’s how the soundtrack is sounding after two days…

We can’t thank Polly enough for letting us work on her brilliant film.


We had an amazing visit from Marcus Britton today. We worked with Marcus on a track he had prepared as well as making our own all in the space of a few hours!



Here’s the tracks we made today.

Thursday + Friday

Today we started working on a radio play that we came up with from scratch. It’s a kind of b-movie horror version of Eyemouth’s Herring Queen Festival.

We spent the day writing our script and plotting the types of sounds we needed to capture or create to make it seem real.

After this we went into the village to interview some people for the vox-pop segment of the show.


We did some recording with Bell the dog, and made our own monster sounds by layering up each of our own best monster impersonations and processing them.


Here’s the results of our labours; Radio Eyemouth at the Herring Queen Festival.


The story kind of continues on from the film soundtrack we made.

It’s been a great week and start to the project. Very much looking forward to what comes next!